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  • JackAs the newly elected Eminent Archon of SAE's NC Theta Chapter for the coming year, I am excited to work with my fantastic brothers and the whole Davidson community, and to continue the excellent work of past EA's; including Will Newman. These brothers all contributed significantly to shaping this chapter into what it is today, and I hope to continue the positive development of the chapter, and to leave my own legacy here at Davidson.

    I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, and attended St. Christopher's prior to coming to Davidson where I am an English major.                

    Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a great national organization: with over 300,000 members and over 200 chapters we are the nation's largest social fraternity, and active brothers and alumni contribute to all facets of life nationwide. Here at Davidson we have a longstanding relationship with the college, and a mission to maintain a strong social, academic, and extracurricular profile on campus while developing an active relationship with the greater community through philanthropy and service.               

    It is one of my goals as Eminent Archon for the 2015 calendar year to continue many of our longstanding traditions like Carolina Cup, Spring Frolics, and Alumni Weekend/Homecoming social gatherings. At the same time, there is significant work the chapter can do to better other aspects of our mission, such as the development of last year's first annual fundraiser for the American Testicular Cancer Society and the building of a greater alumni network to help keep past brothers involved in today's chapter life.               

    It is my hope that during my time as Eminent Archon we will be able to develop ourselves and the chapter, usher in an outstanding new class of brothers, improve our campus facilities, and involve the alumni better in chapter life. The NC Theta chapter is already a great one, and has the potential to become even stronger in the coming years.               

    As Eminent Archon, I am always available to address any questions or concerns you may have about the NC Theta chapter. 

    In the Bonds,


    Jack McDowell '16

    Eminent Archon for 2015


    Cell (804) 356-3614