• NC Theta was organized on May 20, 1883 by Edwin G Seibles and John T Rhoddy of South Carolina Delta (USC). The charter members were: William Mack '83, Thornwell Gillespie Anderson (Middlesboro, KY), John Starr Moore and William Mack White (Mexia, Texas)

    According to the History of SAE Fraternity by William C Levere: "The student body of SC College (USC) had been invited to a big lawn party at Davidson, and the attractiveness of the trip was enhanced by the circumstances that the same train had on board, a part of the way, a big delegation from the girls' college at Charlotte. One of the SC Delta men in this party was Edwin G Seibels, who had always been an active worker since his initation in April of the year before. He was pleased with the manly appearance of the Davidson students, and especially one bright young fellow whose name was William Mack.

    They engaged in conversation about college fraternities and the SC SAE found that the institution had chapters of Beta Theta Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha and Kappa Alpha. Mack became as interested in his new friend as Seibels was in him, and being impressed with the idea of having a chapter of SAE at Davidson, he induced Seibels to apply to the Grand Chapter for permissoin to establish a chapter at that place.The petition was granted on May 20. The chapter was sub rosa at first, for the college authorities had forbidden the installation of fraternities." 

    Advisors at the time included William Scott Fleming, a Davidson faculty member from Auburn, Alabama (initiated Dec 6, 1884) that taught Greek & German; John Peter Munroe '82, a physician residing in Davidson (initiated Oct 23, 1889), and Robert Alexander Webb, a teacher from Clarksville, Tennessee (initiated Jan 18, 1889) and trustee at Davison (1887-1888).

    With this membership the chapter began active work in the fall of 1886, but, like almost all young organizations, Theta had to contend with many difficulties before "she" could obtain a position of strength. The college authorities were opposed to secret societies, and did all in their power to prevent any such from being established in the institution. Notwithstanding this fact, however, by Theta's first anniversary she had initiated 20 men.

  • Luckily for the chapter, a change soon took place in the College faculty. A new president was elected, whose position on the fraternity question was such that Theta no longer ffound it necessary to exist "sub rosa" (in secret), but boldly came forthe to take an active part in college life. Her "sub rosa" existence had only nurtured her and mae her powerful. When her existence was made public she was a strong healthy chapter, able to cope successfully with any other organization in the College. She soon obtained control of two large rooms on the second floor of the north wing, Main College, and proposed to remodel them. To defray the expenses of fitting up these rooms, about $400 was secured.

    By the convention of 1885, Theta was made Grand Chapter of Province "C", in which capacity she served with credit until 1889, when the convention made change by which Theta was placed in "B" province, with SC Delta as Grand Chapter. Theta's men have always taken an active interest in the general welfare of the fraternity. Through the efforts of some of them, the defunct NC Xi (UNC) chapter was revived. The chapter has initiated 71 men and at present has a membership of 15. Four greek letter fraternities now have chapters at Davidson - KA (1880), SAE (1883), Beta Theta Pi (1887) and Kappa Sigma (1890).* 

    *As of November 22, 1893 (compiled by Pennsylvania Sigma Phi).

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