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  • SAE Library Fund
    (March 31, 2007)

    According to retired Head Davidson College Librarian, Leland Park: “Around 1980 the chapter was hunting for a civic project….lots of history in back of it, but they settled on an activities calendar.  

    SAE solicited sponsors, which paid for the printing, then sold ads….SAE got the dates of what was happening at the college from the master calendar in the college union...the calendar was printed professionally by Belk Printing Co. in Charlotte then sold  on campus, first during orientation weekend, then in the dorms, at ball games etc.  

    My office coordinated the calendar with the chapter….the initial editors, SAE alums, parents of SAEs, folks I knew in town, some faculty/staff members, we had a good list of sponsors. Bulk sales were made to offices (e.g. library staff, all endowed book fund sponsors, all hall counselors, alumni office for events, etc.).  It was quite a production.  

    It started out clearing, as I remember it, about $3,000 and would work it up to maybe $4-5,000 in a good year. But after a while, several things happened…..with the advent of computer networking on campus, everyone, on campus at least, could find out dates easily and quickly…..and after about 20 years or so of this, it was harder and harder to get a brother who would give the time it took to pull this off (rarely could they get a group to stick with it….it ended with one being the point man….or some would say fall guy)……and the last years, my office assistant and I carried a lot of if not most of the load.  So we ‘had a chat’ and decided that the project had ‘run its course’ and it was discontinued.  

    The chapter had done well….and would then hunt for another avenue of service. By the time this was done they had raised $73,875, which now is one of the Library’s larger book funds (there are 225 or so book funds).  This will equate to about a 145 books the fund purchases each year, every year. 

    The market value of the SAE fund as of March 31, 2007, is $178,542. Every year the fund is listed in the College Catalogue.  Every book purchased by the fund has a special bookplate in it saying SAE Endowed Book Fund.  

    There is an annual ‘Library Friends List’ which is published which will list the fund and the number of books/resources purchased with a few titles listed (if you want a copy, call Mrs. Judi Murphy, Staff Asst. to the Library Director, 704-894-2160) and ask if she’ll send you a copy, tell her I mentioned it to you…the latest came out just a few weeks ago.)  And there is also a book of thanks in the Lilly Conference Room which has copy of the bookplate on display and a bit about the donors of the fund (Mrs. Murphy can send you a copy of the bookplate too if you want).